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Dispersed services based on 3S DC cluster

IT environment and infrastructure rental and design

Turnkey Data Center


  • designing optimum and secure data center,

  • developing a model / submodel in accordance with client’s recommendations and requirements,

  • from designing, through installation of devices and infrastructure systems, to service and maintenance,

  • a possibility to propose additional services (additional monitoring, access control, monitoring of basic environmental parameters, etc.).


Scope of services:

  • provision of space in specialized data center in separate box,

  • provision of proper technical environment for client’s devices to operate,

  • provision of access medium (telko services).


Basic advantages:

  • high experience in design and implementation of such solutions

  • minimization of costs related to design, construction and maintenance of own DC.

Disaster Recovery


  • design, implementation and maintenance of backup ICT infrastructure in a service model,

  • backup environment in case of a failure,

  • basic environment may be located at the client’s or in an external center,

  • it may, but does not have to by a 1:1 copy of the basic environment. Very often, it is limited to critical company processes,

  • maintenance in “sleeping mode” until failure/disaster of the basic environment occurs,

  • ready to run at any moment in order to assume “duties” of basic infrastructure,

  • may be provided on the basis of one or more DC objects.


Scope of services:

  • designing solutions that are adjusted to needs,

  • provision of the equipment

  • provision of an access medium (telko services),

  • hardware configuration,

  • provision of a virtualization tool

  • operating system installation,

  • licenses,

  • complete service management.


Basic advantages:

  • provision of company process continuity,

  • protection against data loss,

  • resistance to unforeseen failures and random events,

  • need-oriented solutions,

  • minimization of costs of implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure,

  • the IT department of the Client may focus on business development instead of infrastructure maintenance.

Hybrid implementations


  • hybrid IT – combination of physical and virtual environment,

  • use of existing resources of the client (also a private cloud) and improvement by additional resources,

  • combination of IaaS/PaaS systems with other virtual systems,

  • support of systems that operate in local DC within the scope of handling sudden overload increase (Black Friday effect) – supporting peak traffic,

  • offsite backup – sending backups to a public cloud,

  • developer/test environment

  • Disaster Recovery in a public cloud,

  • content delivery, edge computing – supporting local systems with a CDN (content delivery network),

  • location-specific workload – production environment closer to the receiver (projects with network delay optimization).

  • dedicated transmission to a public cloud (AWS Direct Connect, Azure Express Route, 3S DC Fiber).

Scope of services:

  • selection and provision of own services (3S DC) along with services by providers of global public clouds (AWS, Azure),

  • selection and provision of own services (3S DC) along with services in a private cloud model (VMware, Hyper-V)

  • one invoice from 3S Data Center – also for services and licenses of AWS, Azure, Vware, Veeam.

  • provision and funding of the hardware for hybrid projects,

  • provision of data transmission circuits for public clouds (AWS 0 Direct Connect, Azure – Express Route, 3S Cloud2B – 3S DC Fiber)

Basic advantages:

  • cost reduction by using partially existing IT environment (migration, implementation and configuration costs)

  • selection of optimum solutions due to high experience and knowhow of 3S DC engineers.

  • hybrid environment management by 3S DC engineers.

IT – DC environment migration


  • migration process carried out in a competent manner with a possibility to maintain work and business process continuity,

  • migration between:

    - IT systems,

    - various versions of IT systems,

    - various versions of equipment platforms,

    - various locations


Scope of services:

  • provision of location in a specialized data center facility,

  • design of a need-oriented soliton for the client,

  • provisions of equipment,

  • provision of an access medium (telko services),

  • hardware configuration


Basic advantages:

  • high environmental , physical, energy, telecommunication and legal security,

  • location of the environment at one of the most state-of-art data centers in Poland,

  • professional process preparation and organization,

  • cost minimization.

Dispersed services based on 3S DC cluster


  • geographical dispersion between two or more locations,

  • a possibility to provide DRC services at the facilities located even within a few hundred kilometers from each other.


Scope of services:

  • maintenance of server room technical devices,

  • course change monitoring and reporting,

  • implementation of improvements related to a facility or a center.


Basic advantages:

  • improved reliability and security,

  • resistance to random events,

  • minimization of data loss risk,

  • possibility to propose a hybrid with geographic separation,

  • data replication in a few facilities,

  • creating high-access mirror systems

IT environment and infrastructure rental and design


  • one of computing cloud models,

  • IT infrastructure (e.g. physical equipment as managed by hypervisor of the virtualizer) provided in a service model (IaaS),

  • IT infrastructure + software (e.g. operating system, database, programming environment, depending on needs) (Paas),

  • we response up to the virtualizer level (IaaS),

  • we response up to the level of the operating system (PaaS),

  • constituents: equipment+ access medium (telco services) + configuration + licenses.


Scope of services:

  • provision of equipment,

  • provision of an access medium (telko services),

  • equipment configuration,

  • provision of a virtualization tool,

  • licences


Basic advantages:

  • need-oriented solutions for the client,

  • high accessibility, resistance to failures,

  • scalability,

  • easy management,

  • minimization of costs related to infrastructure implementation and maintenance (no need for extra equipment or license),

  • the IT division of the Client may focus on business development rather than infrastructure maintenance.

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